Bat Surveys

Estrada Ecology has a fully qualified licenced team of bat ecologists which has successfully obtained mitigation licences for a host of projects.

If your project involves demolition or renovation of a built structure, the local authority is likely to request a survey is carried out. Bat surveys can only be conducted at certain times of the year during specific weather conditions and, as such, it is beneficial to seek professional advice at your earliest convenience.

In Britain there are 18 species of bat, all of which are protected by law, due to the dramatic decrease in numbers.

Bat roosts are protected by law even when bats are not present, because bats use/visit the same roost site(s) year after year. Bats will use different roost sites at different times of the year for different purposes.

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Bat Surveys

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Preliminary Roost Assessment
Activity Survey
Hibernation Survey
Bat Summer Roost

Optimal Period To Survey

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