Do you want to maximise your points under the Ecology category of The Code for Sustainable Homes?

In order to achieve this, a "suitably qualified ecologist" would be required to survey your site and advise on enhancing the site ecology.

  • Low ecological value: Your site may not readily fall into one of the defined categories of low ecological value for points from "ecological value of site"
  • Ecological enhancements: You need advice on ecological enhancements to qualify for further points.
  • Protection of ecological features: You need to demonstrate either overall low ecological value or protection of ecological features to get points from
  • Change in ecological value of the site: You may need ecological advice to determine actual numbers of plant species present to get the points from this category.

Estrada Ecology can provide you with a suitably qualified ecologist (a full member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management), experienced in undertaking ecological surveys.